It’s that time of the year…
Even I have jumped on that train…
I put on some Christmas music…
Celebrated Christmas Sewing using my
…Christmas Pincushion…
Love that it’s rather big and soft…
And keeps my needles tight and deep…
Perfect when a doggy nose comes close for inspection…
Made a tutorial on this one last year
You can find the tutorial here
Good luck!!
This day I hadn’t something in mind
Oh yes I had…just kidding…;0)
But don’t know what happened…it didn’t turn out as I had planned!!!
In a quite crazy mood…
I went to attack at my fabrics..
Had JUST DO IT…in my mind all the time…
Don’t think..
Just do it!!
I picked fabrics that spoke to me…
not thinking if they were going to suit the owner…
I just cut up strips and happily sewed away…
and all of a sudden it was born a crazy
and busy “thing”
made during a creative attack…
Now it’s on a journey with a destination
So Shirley…put on your sunglasses at Christmas Day!! ;0)
After some frenetic searching in my cupboards..
I found my next targets…
Two unfinished gifts
(2 years ago)
That this year will be delivered!!
So I’m happy to say I have been creative!!
Have now rested two days after my crazy sewing…
and will go back and finish up!!!


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11 Thoughts on “Christmas Sewing…

  1. You certainly have been creative Stina. Your pincushion is beautiful.
    I’ve just pinned it to my Pinterest board.
    Thanks for the great tutorial.
    Margaret x

  2. I love that pincushion and the pattern has been sitting out on my worktable for longer than I will confess to. Like you, this week I’ve been finishing up some projects that had sat around too long and it’s such a good feeling to have them done! Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous on 14 December, 2012 at 14:50 said:

    Hej STINA! Nu känns dagarna korta. Lite dagsljus och mkt att göra. Men stressa inte. Tvättade och handlade mat i går och i dag läst tidningen och väntar på att hämta Pia vid tåget 16.20. Hoppas att tåget passar tiden hm!?
    Du verkar ha kommit igång igen och det känns bra hoppas jag.
    Ha en riktigt bra julhelg önskar jag dig och familjen
    Louise D

  4. Lots and lots of fun!! I love it when the creative juices flow!!

  5. I shall have those sunglasses ready although I am quite sure that it will be lovely. I am just so thrilled that you chose to make me something and put such effort into it. I have a confession. I started to make your pincushion last year and it is still not assembled – it is ready and waiting so maybe I shall get the chance before the day arrives. You have been a busy girl and pleased to see those creative juices flowing well.

  6. So Glad to hear you are back into it…I might just have to have one of those Pincushions it is Gorgeous.
    Take Care

  7. Åhh, what a sweet pincushion!! I have made several different but they have never turned out especially nice ;-(
    Happy Hollidays dear!!

  8. Tittar bara in och säger fortsatt fin december med lite julförberedelser. Din nåldyna är så underbar.
    Ha det fint.
    Kram Gudrun

  9. viviane pfitzner on 20 December, 2012 at 01:36 said:

    Remember that lovely pincushion tutorial from last year, Stina, it is so lovely and I decided to make another one for a friend who is new to sewing and I know she will love it so thanks for your inspiration!
    Happy Holidays, Stina! :>)

    Love from Viviane, England.

  10. This looks so very much like I expect you to make. Pink and red. So much lighter and brighter than what I do but still something I like so well.

  11. Jättefin nåldyna! Önskar dig en GOD JUL och ett GOTT NYTT ÅR! to hear from you... :)

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