Can I be forgiven… hope so… please….
And I am LAZY!!
So I said it.. lol
Have spent lovely days at my parents place…
family get-together …
my brothers with their families and my cousins from France ..
in a total of 23 people..
Yepp … people everywhere …and I mean it.. :o)
And I love it!!
View just outside the house …
Swedish summer as its best….
We introduced Molly to the cows…
Wonder who were most curios?
One day we cousins spent a day together…
walking, picnicking and bathing…
It was a wonderful day!!!
Molly really loved it when it was so many people…
always someone to play with…
and this day … to dig and to bath ..
that was FUN!!!
Family Days are the best!!!
Are now back at my home…
and have spent some hours in my sewing room…
and have my Butterfly Garden quilt top together in one piece…
hip hip hooray for me!!
This quilt is more green than the first BG quilt I made….
Really love the green tone….
Now I just have to layer it.. and quilt it…;o)
and off to it´s new owner…
dont know If I love this one more than the first one made..lol…
Over and out with a cute pic….

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34 Thoughts on “I did it again….

  1. Las fotos de las vacaciones espectaculares, que lindo compartir con la familia el descanso. El patchwork precioso, tengo muchas ganas de hacerlo. Dónde puedo comprar el patrón?? Y te felicito por la última imagen de buenos amigos. Besossss.

  2. Hi Stina,
    looks like you had a wonderful time with family…Molly is sooo cute!
    Your BG quilt is really lovely in that soft colour palette…I’m sure whoever receives it will LOVE it!
    take care Julz

  3. Hejsan!
    Ni ser ut att ha haft en helt underbar tid hemma hos dina föräldrar :)) Ett mycket bra jobb har du gjort på din BFG och den nya mottagaren kommer att bli så glad så..

    Ha det så bra!

  4. Such beautiful pictures while making some beautiful summer memories!! Love the new quilt top too!

  5. Love the the quilts and your parent’s place is just beautiful, but the picture of your boy and his dog just melts my heart!

  6. Kvilten är gudomligt vacker och dina fina sommarbilder gör dig mer än förlåten.Njut av de resterande soliga dagarna.

  7. You had a great summer time! And this Butterfly Garden quilt is wonderful!

    Best wishes,

  8. It looks like you had a great time…the quilt is so pretty…I love the color…and that last picture…melts my heart.

  9. Hey there Stina! Summertime is just so wonderful and full of activity – many fun times for your family (always love to see the farm) and a fantastic quilt to boot. And summer sure beats the pants off wintertime… 😀

  10. That first picture…ohhh pretty pretty pretty!
    Cows and Molly…love them, funny funny funny!
    It was a great holiday!
    The new BG is really much more better and beautiful with that more green in it. Will it be a series? :o)

  11. Hei! Så flotte bilder, ser ut som det har vært mye gøy. Det siste bildet er nydelig!
    Lekker quilt, liker godt de duse fargene. Fortsatt god sommer!

  12. Hei! Så flotte bilder, ser ut som det har vært mye gøy. Det siste bildet er nydelig!
    Lekker quilt, liker godt de duse fargene. Fortsatt god sommer!

  13. Åh, vilka underbara bilder från det bästa av Sverige. När det är sådana här dagar kan man nästan glömma vintern helt*fniss*. Lyckost är mottagaren av din underbara quilt i de mest ljuvliga sommarfärger. Den är helt fantastisk! Ha det fortsatt gott i sommarvädret!

  14. What a lovely happy post Stina. I can feel the fun and pleasure. You have done yourself proud with such a wonderful quilt and the new recipient is a very lucky person. I can see that both Molly and Viktor have grown.

  15. Lovely pictures, Stina. Looks like you had a great holiday. Butterfly Garden looks GORGEOUS and that Molly is sooo cute.

  16. Very Pretty!!your family and your work.
    So cute.

  17. The Butterfly Garden quilt is just AWESOME! I love it. I finished Leanne’s Journey of a Quilter but still have to layer and quilt it, I just can’t decide how to quilt it so it doesn’t take away from the design.

  18. Oh your summer is looking so wonderful! Beautiful scenery! Yes, I get a bit lazy about blogging in the summer months. When we have short ones, we must do what we have to do outside!
    Love the quilt top! As always it’s a true beauty! You are so talented!!

  19. hi stina
    after reading you soo many times dreaming about summer, is nice looking at your great smile in the beach!! enjoy my friend
    and the quilt.. what can I say
    well if you let me say I want it for me, this is what I will say:” I want it for meeee!!”
    have fun

  20. I can’t believe this is your second “butterfly garden” !!!!! it’s splendid !!
    Molly has learned that Summer is good !!!

  21. I just loved seeing your gorgeous photographs! The quilt is beautiful and the photos of it are amazing!

  22. The first and the last pictures are fantastic. That sky is just so blue.

  23. You’ve made TWO BG quilts? WOW! I’m star struck! This one is gorgeous! Looks like you’ve had a wonderful time with your family. Happy Summer!

  24. Hi Stina,
    Looks like you’re making the most of summer, gorgeous family photos. Your Butterfly Garden quilt is beautiful, so soft and pretty!

  25. Your family time looks like it was very relaxing and enjoyable. The BG is stunning, Molly sure has grown.

  26. Glad to hear you are having a good summer…

    Just love your Butterfly Garden quilt top…gorgeous!

  27. With such a wonderful holiday and so many people to play with I’d forget to post too!…Oh I so want to visit Sweden in summer…so beautiful…and the looks on those cows…so funny, it made me laugh!…Molly is such a gorgeous girl…your second Butterfly Garden is lovely…the green is very nice, fresh and spring-like, lucky new owner…

  28. Hello Stina, I cannot blame you…such beautiful summery carefree days…I long for Summer….felt the cold this winter…beautiful work with your quilt Stina…hugs lyn

  29. Just love this! Well done!
    greetings from Holland.
    with love,

  30. Herlige sommerbilder og lekker quilt :-)

  31. great post, lots of memories and isn’t that what summer is all about?

  32. Oh, that first photo is glorious. I am sure you cherish those days since you get so much snow in your country. Looks like everyone is having a grand time.
    Love your quilt and I like the green too.
    The photo of Molly meeting the cows is cute.

  33. What happy summer pictures Stina.
    Your Butterfly Garden is absolutely stunning.
    Love the pretty fabrics you have used.


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