and I have some more wonderful Hearts made…
just in time for Valentine´s day!!!
First out is Nola
and she did this one too …as a gift..
someone got happy…
And I showed Catherine´s unfinished Hearts before..
and this is what she made…. 
paper pieced hearts and stitchery…
Catherine at
And I have been following Terry´s progress from the first hearts…
she was the first one to show some hearts… 
LOVEly…. :o)
by Terry at 
And just recently these beauties came…
from Norway 
by Solveig at
Really love these…
Think I have to make lots of lots and fun stuf with the hearts..
not just the One thing I had in mind for them…
I am so happy for what you have showed me…
I am amazed..
all the creativity and lovely things made
and I know more are still in the making… :o)
 I want to say one thing more..
Just because it is Valentine´s Day tomorrow…
Please dont stop sending in what you have made…
Hearts can be made anytime anywhere all the YEAR..
not just for Valentine…
So send pictures!!!! :o)
I hope you have enjoyed this and have had some fun..
I know I have had…
Thanks to you!! :o)
and I have sewed some..
made one tunic..
easy peasy one.. recycled..:o)
(Just will see me in this one someday… :o)
and I have just oiled the machine for 
I am going to quilt some on my pink Schnibble!!!
See you…

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14 Thoughts on “Valentine´s Day tomorrow…. :o)

  1. Wonderful things made by your hearts :)
    Wow a tunic some photo of that I´ll see 😉

  2. I knew that everyone would love your hearts. I haven’t started mine yet but they are in my must do pile. It is good to hear that you are keeping busy and stayine out of trouble!!! Hugs.

  3. It’s lovely to see all the different ways your hearts were used! Thanks again for these sweet stitcheries! :0)

  4. How fun to open your blog and see pictures of my quilt and pillow with your hearts! Thank you again for sharing these wonderful patterns. They have been delightful to stitch and it’s fun to see the creativity of others also. Nola

  5. Love all your stitcheries.

    I haven’t done any in years. There are so many great patterns that I see on the blogs so maybe I’ll try it again.

  6. Lovely finishes made from your hearts designs. Thanks for sharing everyone!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones, Stina. Enjoy your day.

  7. Love all those hearts Stina especially Solveig. You inspire ~ Happy Valentines Day !!!

  8. wow, those are some great quilts using your heart patterns. I have 2 hearts done. Slowly I am getting to them. I will be sure to show them later.

  9. Oh some lovely heart makings there Stina. They all look so pretty and romantic.

  10. Happy Valentine’s Stina!!
    Love love love all of the hearts!

  11. Let’s enjoy hearts – every day, not just today!
    Hugs – Lurline♥

  12. More heart projects. I have so enjoyed seeing them all. Happy Valentine’s Day, Stina!

  13. I love what is coming from these hearts Stina!!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day♥x

  14. Hej Stina!

    Du har fått en utmärkelse av mig!
    Gå in på min blogg får du se!

    Skaparglädje to hear from you... :)

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