Just so you know..
Hairdresser have been here… :o)
(but have to inform you…
batteries to the camera have been used to the Wii remote… UGH!!!!)

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7 Thoughts on “Hairdresser…

  1. Can’t wait to see her new doo!

  2. I think your dolly is a bit shy. :^)

  3. Hi! I have completed my hearts wall hanging and would like to share a picture of what I have done. How do I go about doing that? Nola

  4. I can’t wait to the the new you! Sometime change is good!


  5. Lol Stina.. I’m sure we cna all relate to the batteries being taken for the Wii… so funny

    Looking forward to see your new ‘do’ and hope you love it!

  6. At least you know where your batteries are . . . . I can’t seem to find my spares or the charger *s*

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