…arrived yesterday…
a package with sprayed gold stars on….
MY PIF gift from 
Ohh.. it is sooo fun with packages….
and this was  a really really fun one!!!!
A little peek of whats inside…
I picked up wonderful items after items….
Now I can sew myself a new pretty apron… 
make some lovely vintage  kitchen towels…
and sew a new bag for me …
….and this beauty was double folded and 
squeezed in the package…
…I love it…
Have to redecorate some this weekend…
with all the wonderful gifts I have received now!!
But wait ..there was more… 
I bet some of you saw a backside of something at the first picture…
and you were right.. 
Do you want a peek???
You can see me infront of your eyes now…cant you…
A silly big smiling face…

Oh Mary…
What a wonderful gift…
Do I have to say I love it???
Of course not…
It is adorable…
Love the fabrics…and I love rag quilts…
Here it is…
Thankyou …thankyou……
for all the quilty gifts!!!
I sure have been spoilt again… 
haven´t I???
And I love it!!

Today I used bloggers new new post edit….
and there are a lot of new functions…
not quite buddies yet..but hope to be!!!
So if it does look strange.. 
it would be me not knowing what I´m doing…lol

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30 Thoughts on “Wonderful mail….

  1. Beautiful gifts Stina. Lucky you.

  2. Stina,

    Love your quilt, pillow….Oh my your whole package is wonderful.
    Enjoy it, its just wonderful!!

  3. wow you got spoiled again with lovely gift..I really like the quilt you got..

    Take care!

  4. what a great package – you have some good friends don’t you!

  5. Do I see a bit of pink came in that package?

  6. Truly hope you’ll enjoy them. I love the way you blog the photos!

  7. You have been spoiled rotten these last couple of days! Enjoy all your new lovelies.

  8. Those are such lovely and thoughtful gifts. How fun to open up packages two days in a row!
    That quilt is just lovely!

  9. Gorgeous PIF gifts from Mary. Lucky you, Stina. Enjoy them all!

  10. Oh I love the raggy quilt! You are one lucky duck to receive a gorgeous piece like that!!

  11. How lovely for you and wow to the gifts. Mary did a lovely thing making you the cushion and a fabulous quilt!

  12. Wow Stina, you received some really nice gifts, love, love your quilt. It looks so soft and cuddly. Looks like your having fun at your sewing machine too!

  13. Oh my gosh Stina! That quilt is awesome!!! Love your new blog header pic too!

  14. What a wonderful package and I love the way you blog has been presented!
    Hugs – Lurline♥

  15. Wow what a great gift package. I love it all but wow that quilt is just lovely!! Aren’t you the lucky girl this week :)

  16. Stina, you must be on cloud 9. The packages you’ve received lately are gorgeous and with so much thought in each one. Mary and Pat do beautiful work. Can’t wait to see all the goodies you make with it.
    Keep Stitchen’

  17. Oh Stina, what gorgeous gifts!!!! The rag quilt is absolutely lovely! And the pillow, too, it is unbelievable how lucky you are!
    Love your new header, it so nice to see you sewing! Have a lovely sunny weekend!

  18. Such a lovely post with so many beautiful gifts to show. Love your new banner!

  19. WOWZER, that’s a delightful box from Mary!

  20. Wowee, Mary send you some fabulous gifts. She knows how to pay it forward.

  21. What a lovely care package Mary has sent to you, Stina! Beautiful quilt and some handstitching goodies besides. Wonderful, you deserve to be treated to such fine gifts. :)

  22. Wow…you have had some wonderful past days with all those goodies coming in the mail!! Everything is lovely…..and your ‘pink’ covering
    turned out great!!
    Love your new blog header…..there you are practicing your free motion!!!

  23. Such a beautiful gift for such a sweet lady. love that packaging to very neat .Have a good week-end sweetie!!!


  24. Hi Stina!
    It feels so good to visit your blog again !! I love your new header and your raggy quilt it’s just gorgeous!!!
    Lucky girl!!!

  25. Stina…what a wonderful new header you have there!!! Oh that package…it is just so perfect…Enjoy my Friend♥x

  26. WOW! Gorgeous gifts … the quilt is stunning.

  27. Oh, how fun! Enjoy, you deserve every bit of happyness this yummy package brought to you!

  28. Good for you!! Lovely gifts!

  29. Hello Stina,such a lovely package to receive, the quilt is gorgeous…hugs lyn

  30. Love this quilt so were would one find the pattern??

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