Today I got a mail from Yvonne in Belgium…with the beginning…
“My Angels – A (little) disaster)”

My mind started to to think all kind of horrible things that could have happened to this quilt…
I know that she has worked really hard to quilt this for a show and pheeewww…

…so this is what Yvonne wants to alert you all to!!
She writes….

“Hi Stina,

I have a very sad story about my Angels Story quilt.
I want to tell you about it, so you and the other ladies working on their Angels don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Last sunday, my quilt was totally finished, and I put him (or her?) in the washing machine (quilt for protection in a bedcover, cold water, short time, gentle swing ….)
I was almost in shock when I took him out again.

In Anni Downs’ book is written how Anni quilted her Angels. She has no quiltstitches at all in de Angelblocks.
I was worried and I placed “a detached fly” here and there in my blocks.

You can see in the pictures attached that these “flies” were not enough ….
You can find more pics before and after in my blog.

What did I do wrong?
The background fabric in the angel blocks was washed before using it. The other fabrics were not.
I used a 100 % cotton batting. I know it shrinks but I don’t mind an “antique look”.

So my quilt is finished in time for the exhibition, but I decided he will not hang there. I’m totally not pleased with the look. I will take out al the “flies” and I’ll try to quilt al the angelblocks. I hope this helps!”

So you know this lady is pretty sad… :(
this is a picture before…
…and so is this one…

She washed the backgroud fabric because it was dirty and never thought of it nomore…
and what happends…all the other pieces shrink and not the background…
so the backgrounds are too big…

…the fly stitches…
…and one after wash block… :(
…and another one…

And here is the lovely quilt in all is glory!!
It sure is wonderful no matter what!!

…So this is a lady who needs help…

All I could think of is to quilt more in the Angelblocks…

And I so hope that someone out in blogland have some suggestions how to rescue this lovely quilt!!!

Please make a comment with anything that could help…

I see that I have been blogging one year today… :)
And what a YEAR… :)
Found SOOOO many new friends around the globe…never in my life I thought I would sit in the north of Sweden and talk to all you wonderful and talented girls..yes …no guys around yet…:)

Will come back with this and celebrate it at another time…
will soon have 200 posts as well…and think I will double up the party then…;)

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20 Thoughts on “Angel Member need help!!!

  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary. Hope you continue with you beautiful and inspiring blog for a long time to come. So nice to have you as a blogland friend.

    Poor Yvonne. I can only agree that she try quilting those background pieces. The quilt still looks lovely in the whole quilt picture.


  2. Quilting around the motifs in the blocks will help with the puckering.
    If neccessary, ecco quilt one more round around all the motifs.

    Happy blog anniversary Stina !

  3. Hi Stina, I’m feeling pretty sad for Yvonne. I haven’t quilted my angel story quilt yet but I think now I will do what my friend did to hers. She shadow quilted around all the angels and she has not had this unfortunate problem. I imagine that what caused this was probably the type of fabric used for the background. I loved Yvonne’s hand quilting. Her quilt is still gorgeous. D. :=)

  4. I have to agree with the above comments. I’m soooooo sorry that it happened. I used to pre-wash every piece of fabric as I bought it, but have since changed that practice. Now all of my fabric goes on the shelf and I prewash, or not, depending on the project.

    Happy Anniversary;)

  5. Hei Stina.
    Happy anniversary. :-)
    I feel so sorry for Yvonne. It is difficult to get the blocks look good if they not are quilted.The only way I can see is to quilt around all the aplique or ( more work, but better) to quilt diamonds as on the quilt all over the ligth fabrics…
    Good luck ­čśë

  6. How disappointing for Yvonne…I know the feeling of finishing something and not being really happy with the end result..I agree the quilt is still gorgeous but Yvonne will always be disappointed in it – which is such a shame….more quilting may make it more obvious…I think I would just leave it – it will look beautiful as a throw or displayed on a quilt rail…everyone will see the overall beauty of the quilt and the quilting which is just superb…! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and as I said before everyone will see the beauty of this quilt!!

  7. Hi Stina,
    What a shame, the quilt still looks gorgeous. I would probably quilt close around all the applique and see how that looks.
    I have got slack, I used to pre-wash fabric now I don’t but I am aware if I use anything from my stash it has usually been washed especially if I’m putting it with recently purchased fabric. I’ve been lucky so far but will be careful in future.

  8. Gosh Stina, I was nearly in tears for poor Yvonne. I know now how much time must have been spent making that beautiful quilt only for that disaster to happen. I think the same as you, maybe more quilting in the blocks to even out the puffiness.
    Well done on your blogaversary too! Kathryn. XX

  9. Happy bloggiversary Stina

    I feel so sorry for Yvonne. Perhaps if she carefully stretch it out when the quilt is still wet. And afterwords does some more quilting in the blocks. Shadowquilt around the angel.
    Hope she is able to do something with it. But it is still pretty.

  10. Ohhh Stina I feel sorry for your friend Yvonne. I think the quilt is still gorgeous but I understand that she will always see the puckering etc.
    I am not the most experienced quilter so can offer no suggestions.
    I can see some very good and experienced quilters have already offered advice. I hope it works.
    I see you have a winter wonderland over there….in Australia we are having lots of summer storms and rain this week.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Stina,I too feel for your friend Yvonne, all her hard work.I don’t have an answer on your question.I have not washed any fabrics for the last few years and If I do it normally is the reds due to the dye running.Sorry I could not help. Regards Lyn

  12. Poor Yvonne. All that hard work and love. I don’t have any helpful ideas but wish her the best of luck.

  13. sOrry to hear about Yvonne’s Quilt I know how much work goes into this Quilt having done one myself..I don’t pre-wash my fabrics unless they are darks and I don’t wash my Quilts once done either…I’m not sure what Yvonne should do hear maybe if she left it for a while and just kept looking it over she might decide to leave well alone…so Disappointing for her..give her a big Hug from all of us we are feeling for her.

  14. Hi Stina, hi all,
    Thank you all very much for your support and tips. A quilting friend of mine contacted Anni Downs and she also adviced “re-quilting”.
    I’m not happy now and will never be with the look of my angels as they are at the moment. In a few days, when I can look at the quilt without tears, I’m gonna re-quilt one block. Please cross your fingers!
    And please, don’t make the mistakes I made!
    Wishing you all a very nice weekend!
    Yvonne aka sommeke living in Antwerp/Belgium

  15. I think the quilt looks darling and don’t really have any new suggestions from what has already been said. Even amounts of quilting around the whole quilt I think is the answer.
    Congratulations on your bloggiversary . . . hasn’t it been fun!

  16. How upsetting for Yvonne, now I know to make sure that the whole quilt is quilted when I’ve finished mine. Congratulations on your one year of blogging. I’m so glad you stated your blog, such a sweet friend that I will always treasure.

  17. Oh, no! That’s just too bad for Yvonne:( Her quilt is so pretty, and it must be so sad to find that everything has shrunk but the background! I think I’d try to quilt the h… out of those blocks to try and “cover it up”.

    Happy one year bloggiversary to you! Can hardly believe it’s a year and a month since we met in Trysil!

    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs from Anne Ida (who is still waaaayy behind on her angels… sukk!)

  18. Happy Anniversary! You are so right about meeting like minded friends who can chat about our addiction together…it is wonderful!! CAthyx

  19. Hi Stina,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Happy blog-o-versary…!
    I hope you’ll keep up blogging & the great work you show. Your posts always brighten my day.
    I really hope that your Angel-friend Yvonne finds a way to ‘rescue’ her beautiful quilt.
    Hugs, Julia

  20. Quilt inside the blocks and it will pull in the extra fabric.
    Hope this helps

    Christine to hear from you... :)

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