Do you have the tops ready???
I have…. :)
And I´m so happy I made one deadline…
…So how is it going for you all??
Hope it goes really well…
I started to handquilt mine the other day… crazy I know… but I like that…
…but this will take some time… probably forever…so it´s good I have a deadline for it!!I have a little prize for SOMEONE that is finished with the top the 30 th of September…
Report and send me a picture of completed top …and I will draw a winner … :)
So come on…start sewing like maniacs…we have a deadline here ladies!!!

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35 Thoughts on “Calling all Angel Story Members!!!

  1. Stina, I love your quilt top! The colors are so you. It will be absolutely lovely when you are done quilting it and I’m sure will be cherished forever.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh! that wonderful! I love the colors. a blanket beautiful as you, excellent.
    I do not started, is a big challenge
    Congratulations on the good work!

  3. Looks like I’m going to have a busy weekend trying to complete the top!
    You’re quilt is looking gorgeous, love the colours you’ve worked with.

  4. I love the quilt! Looks so nice :o) And I would quilt this one just the way you are. I like that! Congratulations on meeting the deadline!

  5. Beautiful quilt…. Do you think Angel quilts stack closer to heaven??? 😉

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  7. Stina, It is beautiful!!!!

  8. Your quilt is so charming. I love it. The hand quilting will just add to the charm.

  9. Stina, Your angels look awesome. I love your colours you have chosen. I’m not going to get mine finished by the 30th September. I might get a 1/4 of it finished. Great work on finishing it.

  10. I know I know I know…….. I have this weekend to finish my top. Will close the door behind me on friday after work and will not step outside before monday morning again. SEWING SEWING SEWING.

  11. Hi Stina,
    I’ve been catching up on everyone’s blog and I love your angel quilt.
    I have never heard of lingonberries, do they only grow over your way? I’ll have to check into that.
    With winter coming you’ll be able to cover up with your angel quilt and quilt away.
    Keep Stitchen’

  12. It’s gorgeous, Stina ! Congratulations for this first goal accomplished !
    I only started my blocks last month, and have now 11 blocks done on the 16 required…. so I’m VERY far ! I won’t be a winner, but I’m so pleased I entered that group project, as I’m really enjoying every stitch, which is what matters after all :>)
    I posted some blocks on my blog, and will probably post some others by next week.

    Smiles !

  13. Wow! Your quilt is absolutely stunning! Love the fabrics you have used!

  14. Ooo, vad dina änglar är vackra! Och nej, det är inte crazy att handquilta det här täcket, det förtjänar att handquiltas :)blir bara vackrare och värdefullare då!

  15. Stina, your angels look amazing…I may have to ask for an extension???

  16. It is beautiful Stina as evererything you make. Love your coloring….This has been really fun and gave me new friends. Thanks to you and May Britt starting this LOL
    I’m finished too. Starting tomorrow laying out the backing.I think I will machinquilt mine….an hour a day and I think I will be finished in time LOL I have my photo n my blog.


  17. Louise on 25 September, 2008 at 13:20 said:

    Stina, it is beautiful! Not that I expcted anything else but seeing it in one piece….

  18. Hi Stina,
    Your angels are beauties!
    I started my Angels earlier than the other Angel-ladies, it’s not fair to play for the challenge. Right now I’m handquilting like a mad woman, want to finish it begin october. I have a quiltweekend then and want to show a finished Angelquilt….. think I will not succeed ….
    Good luck all Angel-quilters, I love to see all your tops!

  19. Hi Stina, I think your angel quilt is the cutest!!!!! You did a wonderful job. Hugs Debbie

  20. Oh My gosh that is beautiful beautiful beautiful! I have been watching Jo’s grow and it is looking georgeous!

  21. Love your Angels Stina. Your hand quilting looks fab too.

  22. I look all dias his blanket, and I like a lot more

  23. Handquilting is right for that quilt, makes it even more beautiful…

  24. Fantastic !!! Fabulous !!! What a treasure it is ! I love it ! I wish I had been an Angel Story member !!! What a wonderful work ! Can’t wait to see it quilted ;-))

  25. It’s beautiful – I love it. Now, I’m thinking I need to order the book. LOL

  26. You-hoooo! Stina,your profile picture is soooo cute!! *S* and your quilt is lovery, lovely just absolutrly lovely!!!!

  27. Love the colors of your quilt…and looks wonderful where it is going!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  28. That is one very sweet top you finished. Way to go for making your deadline. The hand quilting is so nice.

  29. Your quilt top is beautiful Stina !
    I will not be done in time for this deadline, but I aim at finishing the quilt in 2008.
    I have just blogged about it :-)

  30. Your angel quilt is beautiful! And I love the background quilt on your blog. Is that your own quilt? So pretty with the pinks and beiges… looks like a good quilt to snuggle with.

    Quilty hugs from Michigan, North America.

  31. Hej Stina!
    Jag blir så inspirerad av dina täcken!
    Detta ängeltäcke är helt underbart. Finns det mönstret att köpa eller är det något bara för de “invigda” i er ängelklubb?? Hoppas du mår bättre idag, du ser i allafall pigg ut på bilden där vid ditt lilla bord.
    Hälsn. från Anna-G

  32. Stina, can´t live without making this quilt…simply overwhelming!!!
    Hugs from Spain

  33. This quilt is just stunning!! I’ve got the book, but has not made anything from it yet. Did you make the applique by machine?
    Congratulations on your finished top!

  34. YAHOO on making your deadline. This quilt is adorable and sweet. Hand quilting will make it even more special.

    Hugs – karen

  35. Hi Stina, your quilt is so lovely, you did a great job, love your hand quilting… :) to hear from you... :)

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